Healing Energy- How to align yourself

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Have you ever woken up in the morning after a long nights sleep and felt completely drained as if you didn’t sleep at all?   It’s as if someone came down in the middle of the night and sucked all of your energy out while you were sleeping.  Do you wonder what you may have eaten or done the day prior to making you feel this way?  There can be people in our lives, as well as our own selves, who may tend to give or take, good or bad energies from us. 

"Energy" is described as the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.  Our energy can be transferred, given and even taken in two main forms:

1.  Nourishment (Food, hydration, activity)

2.  Vibrations (Meditation, feelings, and emotions) 

Let’s start with nourishment.  The foods and liquids we put into our bodies have an immediate reaction with our internal systems.  Foods that are best for us are used as "premium" fuel, just as gas is to a car.  We should notice how awake we start to feel, and how our mood changes after putting quality nourishment into our body.  We can then perform more activities and this can give us more energy in the form of adrenaline.  Putting the wrong foods and energy sources into our bodies such as processed foods, fast foods, and even too much caffeine will cause the exact opposite effect.  You may crash or burn out fast. 

If you feel you are eating well, drinking enough water and doing all the right things for your body and mind, yet still seem exhausted and drained most days, there may be another energy source that could be the culprit.  Introducing “vibrations”.

When we say "vibrations" we are not talking about your phone vibrating, or the earth shaking during an earthquake.  I’m talking about the kind you can't really see or hear.  These vibrational fields of energy can be described as our overall state of being.  We all possess these, and we can all send and receive them.  The universe is made up of vibrational frequencies. Even things that look solid are made up of vibrational energy.  This includes us too. 

So how do we tap into this source of energy?  It’s actually quite simple and we can do it anytime, anywhere and with anyone.  Each individual has an energy current and we will all give off different energy vibrations.  We can’t see them but we can feel them.  For example:  have you ever been around a person who you absolutely love and makes you smile?   We might get this wonderful feeling of energy that we just can’t describe when we are with them.  This is our natural vibrational frequency telling the neurotransmitters in our brain that this is a good feeling.  These are people we want to keep in our lives, for they very well could be aligned with us and can help us learn and grow as individuals.  These are people who help to keep our energies flowing in a positive direction.

We should all try to surround ourselves with our passions and the people in our lives that give us good energy.  We might be amazed at the amount of energy we feel each and every morning when we wake up.   Waking up full of energy and excited to go to work every day and to see the people you love, is the best feeling.  This is when we know we are aligned with our goals as well as our authentic selves.  Life is challenging, but also so beautiful.  It’s how we deal with the challenges that really count and without those bumps in life, one would never grow and learn.  We should embrace our hurdles instead of being fearful of the change.  As new doors open and we move forward, we have to be grateful for the ones that have closed and what we have learned from them. 

People with good energy give a loving, supportive and compassionate vibration.  We intuitively feel safe and happy around them.  Surround yourself with like-minded people that give us good energy.  Energy is all around us, it's up to us on how we choose to use ours.  These conclusions can sometimes be hard to see, and often harder to see in ourselves.  If we start aligning ourselves with our core values, we will eventually see that it’s about what you really need, not so much about what you might want... there is a difference. 


~Much love and positive vibes, happy healing and growing~

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