Nourishment and Nutritional Planning

  • A comprehensive 4 week guide that will be tailored specifically for you and your goals. Addressing any health concerns you may have and keeping things real with whole foods, this option is great for either an experienced foodie or beginner getting into a healthier lifestyle. Together, I will help create a healthy relationship between food and you! Teaching you also as to what a good portion size looks like, a custom nutrition guide is one of the easiest, most effective ways to heal and see results.  
  • Each plan includes a grocery list and suggested supplement list also tailored towards you as an individual!
  • Each nourishment guide includes recipes for all meals laid out on the same page.

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Personal Training and Exercise Plans

  • A customized 3 week movement and training program that will and can include anything from covering the basics to kicking it up a notch! Routines are specifically laid out for you according to your physical health concerns or any injuries involved.
  • You will also learn how to move for your own body in order to see the best results. I include cardio recommendations if you’re looking to start a weight loss journey, or if you’re looking to maintain, tone up or put on lean muscle. 
  • Each plan goes into detail on explaining why I’ve recommended each training regime for you personally. 

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 Healing with Natural Modalities and Chronic Illness

  • Based around the fundamentals and basics of holistic nutrition and natural modalities combined, we will not only focus on the outside, but I take advanced steps in making sure we see results from the inside as well.
  • Incorporating daily foods specific to your health concern(s) and needs as an individual, together we will work towards optimal healing.  We will address topics such as breathing, mental focus and how to slow down in your busy day, as stress can be a contributing factor to possible underlying health problems. 
  • This journey is ideal for anyone wanting alternatives to harsh medications, using topical products full of chemicals and most of all learning to love yourself, heal and create a lifestyle! 

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    Athletic Training and Nutrition

    • With your athletic and lifestyle goals in mind, I personally develop a customized 4 week program for you/athletes to easily follow through with and see results quickly and efficiently. I help guide athletes of all levels in choosing the right type, amount, and timing of intake of foods, fluids and supplements. To help an athlete reach peak performance, we address the following:
      • Adequate energy and nutrients from food
      • Enough fluids and electrolytes to keep the body hydrated
      • The right balance of nutrients from foods and supplements, if needed.
    • I work with athletes one on one, with the coaches or as a team. This encompasses a learning approach to help guide you further past your competitive career as an athlete and into the rest of your life!

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    Wellness Workshops and Seminars

    Are you or do you know someone working in Human Resources that wants to promote health and wellness among its employees? Book with myself to speak or deliver at your next employee event! I can develop, organize and manage a health challenge at your office, or contact myself further to see how we can collaborate to create and motivate your staff to take control of their own healthy habits!

    Initial Consultation

    Includes meeting, goal setting, what to expect, and recommendations to start.

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    Follow ups & Additional Check-Ins

    Includes going over past planned program, whats working/not, changes if need be and next steps moving forward for all services. 


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