"If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies"

Photo by: Shannon Paul




"Working with Chanelle is the best choice I have ever made in terms of both my mental and physical health. I worked with her for a period of 8 weeks and she got me into the best shape I have ever been without restricting my diet! She was able to keep me accountable while still allowing me to live my life! I could be honest with her and tell her when I messed up on my plan and she was so supportive. Chanelle made it very clear that my mental health was the most important and always prompted me to take rest days when I needed to. Chanelle focuses on the “little wins” you see throughout the week which really helps you see your progress not only physically but mentally! Her programs are so reasonably priced, if you’re considering working with Chanelle I would say absolutely go for it! You have nothing to lose!"


"Training with Chanelle has been nothing short of life changing! Before training, I really had no clue of what to do in the gym, or how to do it correctly. Now, I’m happy to say that my fitness journey continues to progress, and that going to the gym is an enjoyable experience that I look forward to.   It’s wonderful being able to see and feel the results from training, and truly spectacular to have such a supportive and positive trainer who makes the entire process fun. I walk out of every session feeling stronger, happier, more confident, and better prepared to take on my day, both inside and outside the gym! I have found that the benefits of training with Chanelle are endless. I love our sessions and look forward to many more!"



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