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"I started working with Chanelle as a birthday gift to myself after hitting a “milestone” birthday. Even after a few short weeks the results were amazing.  I had more energy, better balance, more restful sleep and just a general feeling of well-being.  Our time together was very productive – an explanation of why each exercise was being used and also an alternative provided if necessary.   After paying particular attention to a previously injured knee, I now feel that it is well on the road to recovery in terms of strength and flexibility. Thank you Chanelle for being such a great cheerleader." 

Susan. J

"When I first came to Chanelle, I had some goals in mind but really no clue as to how to reach them. We mapped out what I wanted to achieve, and Chanelle showed me how. She gave me all the tools I needed to succeed with a healthy, customized nutrition plan. After only 3 weeks working wth her, I lost 4lbs, just on her guidance through diet alone! I would certainly recommend Chanelle if you are looking for not only a sustainable way to reach you goals for life, but a healthy way too."