Feeding Your Intuition

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I love my alone time.  I almost prefer being by myself some days as a practice of self care. Naturally, I feel I am an extrovert.  I enjoy being social, going on adventures, meeting new people and trying new things.  When I choose to do these things, I always seem to find myself joined by a certain presence, no matter what the activity. 

They talk quite a bit and they always have something to say, as well as an opinion to share.  I find them sometimes annoying when I am making certain decisions.  They always seem to remind me of how guilty I might feel afterward, if it was possibly the "wrong" choice I may have made.  Is this who I should be allowing in my life?  Do I want to feel guilty for making certain choices?   On the other hand, I do appreciate them when maybe an adventure or an event I was thinking about going on wasn’t such a good idea, they are able to be honest with me and say, "Not the best choice Chanelle”.

You may actually know this person as well, and possibly have had to deal with them most of your life....?  She's a female in my world....and I call her my “Intuition"... and she never goes away.

Have you ever noticed this voice inside your head?  The one who you subconsciously talk to from time to time, or ask for advice?  This is not you talking, this is our subconscious or also known as our “intuition”....it’s that feeling we get in our guts.  This is known as the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.  It tells us if and when, something may be right for us or not.  It’s capable of sharing thoughts and opinions on everything we say or do.  We may choose to listen...or not.

There are obvious situations where a decision may be clear and we know what the right thing to do is, however there are many more decisions and choices in life that may not be so clear.  This is where where we should go deeper and understand our mood for that day and possibly what may or may not have affected us.  What did we nourish our bodies with?  Yes, Nutrition can play an important part in influencing our...”Intuition". 

In almost every culture, food has long played both a physical and spiritual role in our lives.  Every food we eat has a spiritual and energetic effect on the body, mind and spirit.  Becoming aware of this and working with it consciously, is the foundation of spiritual nutrition.  When we are in a situation where our emotions take over and we must make an important choice, it can be difficult. The voice in our head will give us a list of things as to why or why not to make a decision.  That can put even more stress on our bodies and cause us to possibly not make the best choice in that moment. 

Clearing a path for the best choice that is influenced by our best selves, can be as simple as feeding our “intuition” with the proper nutrition.  When we feed our bodies with poor food choices, not only do our internal organs become burdened, but so do our decision making skills.  Our heads get fuzzy, we don't feel good physically and therefore our moods are altered.  This is the perfect environment for that voice inside our head to make an irrational decision.  Just as our diet affects our physical wellness, it also affects our spirit and therefore, our intuition. 

Your physical body is like a phone.  It sends and receives our intuitions messages.  If our body is struggling from lack of nutrients, over time, it won't be able to get those calls and texts from our intuition.  The simplest way to connect with our intuition is when we are in a calm, relaxed frame of mind.  Feelings of moodiness and spaciness can accompany blood-sugar fluctuations from high sugar or processed foods and therefore, does not lend itself to a naturally relaxed state.  In short, sugar and poor carbohydrate choices can make us too foggy for high-level intuitive thinking. 

Feeding ourselves the proper amount of nutrients as well as the right nourishment for us individually, is not only the foundation for a healthy body, but also an excellent foundation for a healthy intuition.  We may not always know the right answer, choice or decision to make, but we can help ourselves by serving our minds in the best way possible.  Through whole and organic clean foods, our ability to not only feel better physically will improve, so will tapping into to that little voice inside our head..”intuition”.

If you would like to learn more about how switching up your eating regime may improve your intuition, as well as feel great, please feel free to send me a message via Facebook, Instagram or directly here from the site!  


  ~Love always, Chanelle~

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