Love Yourself Healthy February Promo

Taking care, being present, and allowing ones self to truly feel unconditional love starts from within. Loving yourself is one of the best natural wellness modalities you can harness in your life! Love Yourself Healthy is a one week self love plan to help you nurture and explore ways in which you can love yourself more and forever. This guide includes:

~One week of fully customized healthy meals for each day with recipes.

~A copy of Delicate Desserts E-book with nutritious sweet treat recipes for those special occasions (aka You!)

~One week of a complete self love list to do each day of the week, which are also personalized to you and your lifestyle and to what you love!

~1:1 coaching with myself which includes 2 phone call check ins.

Love yourself enough to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle, because I believe how we live is what makes us real❤️